Top Three Reasons For A Summer Gutter Clean

Top Three Reasons For A Summer Gutter Clean

Top Three Reasons For A Summer Gutter Clean

As the summer is upon us, your first thought might not be booking in a summer service for your gutters, but now is a great time to get those gutters cleaned. In this blog post we share the top three reasons that you should have your gutter cleaned in the summer.

  1. Spring Rain Recovery

Heavy rainfall in the spring months can cause havoc for your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged when the spring rains fall, you could have some serious blockages. If these blockages aren’t removed in time for the falling leaves in autumn, you could have some seriously damaged gutters on your hands. During your spring your gutters will also fill with dirt, debris, leaves, twigs and even nests. Call in our professional gutter cleaners now will help avoid this build-up causing further damage to your gutters or home.

  1. Unpredictable Summer Weather

The summer months can be unpredictable. The hot summer sun can cause any debris to be baked onto your gutters which can make it hard to remove and more likely to block your gutters. However, as we have seen this summer, there is also the risk of summer storms. The strong winds and heavy rain that falls in a short amount of time can put your gutters at risk. By booking a gutter clean around this time of the year, we can check that your gutters aren’t damaged so you can get them repaired before any damage gets worse.

  1. Preparation For Autumn

There’s a reason that the Americans refer to Autumn as ‘fall season’. It’s the time of the year when the leaves fall from the trees. If you home is near or surrounded by large leafy tress you could find that your gutters will quickly become blocked. Clearing out the gutters in the summer months leaves the gutters clean and clear and will reduce the risk of build-up and blockages.


Call our gutter cleaners in Corby now to book your gutter clean this summer.

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