Tips For Winter Gutter Maintenance

Tips For Winter Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is very important and should be completed at least once a year. Winter gutter maintenance means cleaning out your gutters. This includes taking out all the leaves, moss, twigs and other debris collected in your gutter. By doing this you will achieve two things;

  1. By clearing out your gutter you will ensure that rainwater can easily flow down your roof. It can then collect in your gutter and flow easily along the gutter and through the downpipe.
  2. You will be removing the extra weight on your gutters by cleaning them out. This reduces the excessive and unnecessary strain to your roof that the weight can cause.

If you want to avoid the expensive costs of replacing your gutters through damage, then you need to clean them out annually. Alternatively, call in our expert gutter cleaners in Northamptonshire to do the job for you.

The downpipes are one of the most common places for blockages to occur. If you have a blockage in this area you may need to strip down the pipe so you can clear the blockage. Make sure you dispose of the blockage correctly, or you could be left with a blocked drain too.

For good winter gutter maintenance, you need to think about your roof gully too. This is the v-shaped channel that runs up and down the fold in the roof. It is found where the two roofs meet. The roof gully forms a channel that drains the water from the roof into the gutter. If the gully is blocked this can stop water flowing easily. After heavy rain a blockage in the gully could be forced into the gutters and cause a blockage there instead.

We would recommend an annual roof and gutter clean to reduce the risk of your gutters blocking. Remember, blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property and garden areas.

Our top tip for winter gutter maintenance: if you’re not sure when they were last cleaned out, then you need to book your next gutter clean now!

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