Three Reasons NOT To Clean Your Own Windows

Three Reasons NOT To Clean Your Own Windows

Three Reasons NOT To Clean Your Own Windows

As professional commercial and domestic window cleaners we speak to a lot of people about window cleaning. Some people leave their windows with hopes that the rain will clean them. Other people hire a domestic window cleaner to clean the windows for them. However, some people think it is fine to clean their windows themselves. In this blog post we look at just three reasons NOT to clean your own windows.

Reason One: Safety

We would recommend that you never climb a ladder without checking the ladder first and without wearing the right safety equipment. While you may think you can reach all the windows yourself, if you find yourself reaching across then it may be worth calling in a professional to keep you and your home safe. You may find that you can’t safely reach all the windows too, such as those above a roof or on a home extension.

Reason Two: Time

How would you rather spend your free time? Would you prefer to relax with friends, loved ones, family or just the TV? Or would you prefer to spend your spare time up a ladder cleaning windows? Cleaning the windows to a high standard takes time. A professional domestic window cleaner cleans windows for a living. You may see them across the road cleaning the windows on a home for 20 minutes and think you could do that. However, it will take you longer. They have the skills, tools and experience to clean windows quickly.

Reason Three: Quality

As we touched on in time, a professional window cleaner has the tools, skills and experience to clean your windows to a high standard. There are lots of gadgets on the market, but your professional window cleaner will have the best gadgets as that have been tried and tested. They will also have the best cleaning products to make your windows shine, while being smear free.


Make sure you stay safe, enjoy your free time and have high quality clean windows by calling in the expert domestic window cleaners. We look forward to booking your domestic window clean in our diary soon.

These are just three reasons not to clean your own windows, of course there are many more!

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