The Benefits of Softwash Cleaning Treatments

The Benefits of Softwash Cleaning Treatments

Soft wash roof cleaning is an excellent alternative to pressure washing your roof. Over time roofs can become unsightly with moss and lichen growth. When you can see this, you need to get your roof cleaned. So why should you choose softwash cleaning treatments instead of pressure washing?

Many professionals agree that softwashing your roof is far better than jet washing. In fact, roofing associations and roofing manufactures even go as far as to not recommend pressure washing your roof. This is because the water pressure is too high. It could cause damage to the roof or dislodge tiles on the roof. In some cases, a pressure washer can even cause structural damage to the property.

Softwash cleaning treatments are better at getting stains, moss and more removed from your roof. They also provide less risk of damage to the tiles on the roof and the render. Softwash cleaning treatments can be used on paving and decking too; along with anywhere else you would use a pressure washer.

The great thing about softwash cleaning treatments is not just the reduction in damage, but it also removes the biofilms. In turn, this help clean the surface for 5 times longer, when compared to a pressure washer or standard jet wash system.

So, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of softwash cleaning treatments in Northampton again.

  • Less risk of damage to your roof, flooring and other services.
  • Minimal labour effort, which means we can get the job done quickly for you.
  • There are no ladder requirements, as it’s a water fed pole.
  • Softwashing can be done on most surfaces.
  • It’s a biodegradable solution that keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.

If you need your roof, walls, patio, decking or other areas cleaned, why not speak to us about softwashing. Our soft wash cleaning treatments in Northampton will clean, rescue and restore your home quickly and to excellent standards. There is no risk of damage to your tiles, paving or property. The results of our soft wash treatment will be enjoyed for many months and years to come.

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