Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Here at Clear and Clean we offer a soft wash roof cleaning service to home owners and business owners across Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Soft wash roof cleaning offers a very thorough and deep clean to your roof. However, unlike other cleaning techniques, soft washing your roof will not damage or dislodge and roof tiles. It is extremely safe and effective, even on delicate stonework.

Why Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning An Alternative To Pressure Washing Your Roof?

Roofs can become unsightly overtime. You will often notice a build up on organic growths such as moss and lichen. When you see this, roof cleaning is required for your home.
Roofing associations and roofing manufacturers do not recommend pressure washing roofs. This is because a pressure washer is too high pressure and can cause damage to the roof, dislodge tiles or even cause structural damage to a property.
However, by using our soft wash roof cleaning in Northamptonshire you can rest assured that the moss and lichen can be removed safely, with no damage to your property.

How Does Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Work?

Our specialist roof cleaners will inspect your roof to identify the need of our soft wash roof cleaning services. We will remove any excess mossy growth with extendable trowels and hoes. You may also see us using a water fed pole to gently remove the lichen and moss growth.
When we have removed around 90% of the visible moss and lichen growth from your roof we will apply the softwash detergent. This detergent has been created to kill lingering spores and bacteria. Unlike pressure washing, this detergent used with soft washing will help reduce the risk of the moss and lichen returning.
Our soft wash roof cleaning in Northamptonshire will clean, rescue and restore your home. There is no chance of damage to your tiles, roof or property. The results of our soft wash roof cleaning service will last for many months and years to come.

Want to know more about soft washing for roofs? Call our team now.