Simple Steps To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Simple Steps To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Moss on a roof may look picturesque, but it’s not safe for your roof. If left moss on your roof can cause all sorts of damage to your roof. It is essential to remove moss from your roof.

Moss growth damage can include structural damage and cause allergy symptoms for those in your home too. Over time the moss on your roof will get thicker. It will work its way under the shingles and tiles. This moss growth slowly pushes the tiles out of place.

As the moss grows and thickens, more damage can be caused. The moss works like a sponge. It will soak up the rain and moisture. This quickly affects your shingles or tiles, but it will eventually affect other parts of your roof too – such as the roof felting. Over time, this will result in rot and decay to your roof.

This is why you need remove moss from your roof, to avoid serious roof damage and expensive repairs.

There are three simple steps to remove moss from your roof.

  1. You need to remove the moss with a stuff brush. Take the time to scrape the moss off your roof with a brush. Make sure you get into all the seams. We would recommend that you start at the bottom and work your way up towards the ridge of the roof.
  2. Then you need to apply the moss remover. We would recommend that you do this with a low-pressure washer cleaner if you have one. If now a watering can will work. Spray or rinse your roof down. As you do this, gently wash the moss into the gutter and along the downspout.
  3. You should then be able to leave the moss remover to do its stuff. Over time it will break the moss down safely. If you have heavy growth of moss, then repeat steps one and two after a few days. You may also notice areas you have missed when the roof dries.

If this doesn’t sound simple enough for you, you don’t have the tools for the job or are concerned about working at height; call us. We can clean your roof and remove moss from your roof too. Our experienced roof cleaning team have the tools and expertise you need to clean your roof.

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