Roof Cleaning with Low Pressure Steam

Here at Clear and Clean we offer a Low Pressure Steam roof cleaning service to home owners and business owners across Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Whilst many of us wash our cars frequently, few of us think about deep cleaning the outside of our homes, especially the roof, and yet our homes are our most valuable assets.

A clean roof will often dramatically transform the aesthetic of your home but there are also practical reasons to periodically clean your roof. Removing moss build-up helps prevent your gutters from becoming clogged and causing leaks and potentially even damp issues in your home. Removing the build up of moss also prevents moss and grit from falling off your roof onto your cars or pathways. Mossy surfaces can become extremely slippery in wet conditions.

We don’t stand on roofs

We only use low pressure steam

We don’t scrape the roof

We remove all of the moss

We clean all fascias, gutters and windows after moss cleaning

We have trained staff with full insurance

All moss is removed from site and disposed of responsibly

Why do we use low pressure steam instead of a pressure washer?

Roofs can become unsightly overtime. You will often notice a build up on organic growths such as moss and lichen. When you see this, roof cleaning is required for your home.
Roofing associations and roofing manufacturers do not recommend pressure washing roofs. This is because a pressure washer is too high pressure and can cause damage to the roof, dislodge tiles or even cause structural damage to a property. However, by using our low pressure steam roof cleaning in Northamptonshire you can rest assured that the moss and lichen can be removed safely, with no damage to your property.

A delicate touch – heritage cleaning

Our absolute obsession with delicate cleaning methods and our ‘do-it-properly’ mantra, makes us a brilliant fit for cleaning the roofs of heritage homes.

As a company we’ve invested heavily in high quality machinery, insurance, staff training and attaining the right safety accreditations. We do not lean ladders against properties (in fact we don’t use them at all), we don’t stand on roofs or scrape off moss, we don’t use pressure washers on roofs. We do it the proper way – using gentle low pressure steam, scaffolding and team of experts.

Our approach is so delicate that we were recently asked to clean the roof of this 1585 blue plaque heritage property, removing centuries of grime, moss and algae from the roof tiles. This roof clean enhanced the look of the property, reduced the likelyhood of gutters becoming blocked in the future, potentially causing damage to the property and enabled the homeowner to physically see the condition of this centuries-old roof and monitor its condition as time goes by.

Want to know more about low pressure steam cleaning for roofs? Call our team now.