Residential Cleaning Services Northampton

You’ve Got The Muckiest House I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

(That’s What They’ll Say If You Get Caught Using The Wrong Cleaning Company)

Joking aside, we understand how great it feels when you look at your house and appreciate how it looks when you have clean windows, clear gutters, a sparkling conservatory, a beautiful driveway and carpets you are proud of.

Every job we treat as though we are cleaning our own property and will give it with the utmost respect and attention.

Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

The Pure H20 water system will give your windows the clean you need. We will go one step further and ensure that the frames and sills are also cleaned to our high standards, which many others are not able to do.


Residential Softwash Claning

Our Low Pressure Steam System will gently clean clumps of moss, dirt and lichen from your roof without damaging your roof. We don’t scrape the roof, we don’t use high pressure washers and we don’t walk on your roof. A roof clean from Clear & Clean will leave your roof dramatically cleaner for months and years to come.

Block Paving

Residential Block Paving Cleaning

Your block paving driveway can very quickly become unsightly, dirty and full of weeds. We will restore it to it’s former glory with a thorough clean which includes a weed treatment and refilling the sand when relevant. On block paving, our Softwash System gives your home the clean look you deserve without damaging the surface of the brick or blasting out the sand as with pressure washers.


Residential Decking Cleaning

We recently added the ability to clean decking and restore the wood back to it’s original colour; making it easier to protect and safer to walk on as decking can become very slippery if left.

Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning machines ensure a full deep clean and we finish with an odour neutraliser to give you an excellent result and carpets which feel and smell clean and fresh.


Residential Conservatory Cleaning

Your conservatory roof is an easily forgotten area which gathers moss and bird droppings in addition to the grime left by the good old English weather. A regular clean gives you back the benefits you wanted when you originally had it built.

Gutter Cleaning

Residential Gutter Cleaning

Like your conservatory, your gutters will collect so much stuff, muck and grime filling them up and causing blockages. The effect this has on your home is that your gutters overflow causing damp and unsightly drips down the walls.