Reasons To Deep Clean Your Carpets This Summer

Reasons To Deep Clean Your Carpets This Summer

Summer is finally here. That means we can get outside and enjoy time with friends and family in the garden. BBQs, garden parties, padding pools and more. The sunshine is here and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

But did you know the summer months are a great time to get your home carpet deep cleaned too? In this blog post we tell you why.

  1. Open Windows

As the warmer weather has arrived, we have all been opening the windows to let the fresh air in. While it’s great to let in the gentle breeze, that’s not the only thing we let in. The fresh air you let in also carries pollen and allergens. These then become embedded in your carpet and cause health issues for those in your home as well as real damage to your carpet. The best way to get rid of this pollen is to deep clean your carpets.

  1. Beach Days

The summer is here so of course that means trips to the beach, but how on earth can that effect your carpets? Because we all pick up sand from the beach and bring it home. No matter how hard we try you always seem to find it in your shoes, in your pocket or stuck between your toes. In the morning you feel the sand in your bed, but it is also in your carpet. Sand is like glitter, before you know it, you’ll find it everywhere. The biggest issue with sand is that it is very abrasive. When it gets into your carpet it will break the fibres.

  1. House Guests

Whether it’s having your kid’s friends’ round for playdates during the school holidays, family for garden parties or neighbours for a BBQ, that’s more foot traffic on your carpets and flooring. While the parties may be outside, people will still be coming in and out of your home to get drinks and use the toilet. As they are coming in and out, they are bringing in the dirt from outside too. By booking a deep clean for your carpets this summer you can keep your carpets clean, fresh and protected.

Worried about the state of your carpets? Why not call our team now to book a deep clean of your carpets? We can come on a day and time that suits you and your carpet will be left looking good as new again.

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