How To Keep Spiders At Bay

How To Keep Spiders At Bay

How To Keep Spiders At Bay

Spider season will soon be hear again. The time when the biological clock of a spider starts ticking and every corner of your home seems to have spiders hiding in it. August is the prime time for male spiders to start seeking a mate and spiders begin emerging in their droves. But how can you keep at spiders at bay in your home?

Keep Your Home Tidy

We’ve all heard the saying that a ‘clean home is a happy home’, but have you heard that a clean home is free from spiders? It’s not a very popular saying but there is definitely truth to it. The cleaner that your home is, the fewer places there will be for spiders to hide. By regularly cleaning your home and removing cobwebs, moving storage bins and getting rid of unused clutter, your spiders will not be happy. They want to feel safe and undisturbed. If you’re cleaning regularly, they’ll quickly look for a home elsewhere.

Peppermint and Conkers

If you are looking for a natural way to keep spiders at bay, grab some peppermint oil and find some conkers. Spraying peppermint oil around your windowsills and doors will repel spiders from entering your home. If you repeat it weekly, not only will your home smell fresh but it will stay spider-free too. Another proven method to keep spiders at bay is with conkers. Place them around your home and they will scare the spiders away. The size of them looks scary to spiders and they are poisonous to spiders too.

Clean Your Gutters

While cleaning your gutters will not totally keep spiders at bay, it will definitely help. Cluttered gutters are full of all the food that spiders love to eat. By cleaning your gutters, you are removing the food source for the spiders. This will starve the spiders or have them looking for food elsewhere, in someone else home. Any place that gathers standing water, like a gutter, is like a buffet for spiders and other insects. By making sure your gutters aren’t clogged you can eliminate the buffet and breeding ground for spiders planning on moving into your home.


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