How Blocked Gutters Can Damage Your Home

How Blocked Gutters Can Damage Your Home

How Blocked Gutters Can Damage Your Home

When it comes to gutters it is often a case of ‘out of site and out of mind’. However, your gutters are the external plumbing system for your home. If you ignore them, then you do so at your peril. It’s understandable that gutter cleaning is forgotten. However, this can be an expensive and stressful mistake.

When it comes to your home gutters, prevention is key. If you keep on top of your gutter cleaning, you can avoid these costly ways that blocked gutters can damage your home.

Water Damage

The most obvious way that blocked gutters can damage your home is water damage. If there is a blockage in your gutter it slows down the flow of the water. The water then has to go somewhere else. This can be under your eaves, into your roof and ultimately through your ceilings. Once this happens you are looking at some serious damp problems for your home. These will be very expensive to repair.

Wood Damage

When gutters are performing well your fascia’s will now see too much water. However, when your gutters are blocked this can cause your fascia’s to be exposed to a lot of water, more than they are designed to be exposed to. This can result in deteriorating wooden fascia’s that can subsequently rot. They will also look unsightly from the outside of your home and be expensive to replace or repair.

Weight Damage

Gutters have not been designed to hold a lot of weight. They are held to your home by screws and simple brackets. While some debris will add some weight to the gutter, your gutter can manage. However, sodden debris and waterlogged gutters can be too much weight for your gutter and gutter fixings to hold. This can cause the gutter to break or bend. Damage to the roof and structure of the building will then be triggered too.

Landscape Damage

When there is a heavy rainfall and your gutters are blocked, where can the rainwater go? The result of blocked gutters and a heavy rainfall is a potential deluge of water splashing down with force to one area of your path or garden. This can cause erosion or damage to your garden and landscape. It will look unsightly too.


If you want to avoid the risk of blocked gutters causing damage to your home, call in our gutter cleaning team now. We can clean out your gutters, so they are ready for whatever elements the weather brings.

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