Four Ways A Blocked Gutter Can Damage Your Home

Four Ways A Blocked Gutter Can Damage Your Home

Four Ways A Blocked Gutter Can Damage Your Home

Your gutters are the external plumbing system for your home. While they are out of sight, they are often forgotten. However, when ignored and not cleaned, there can be some seriously expensive damage to your gutters, roof and property that needs preparing.

It’s essential to book a regular annual gutter clean to keep that out of sight plumbing in tip top condition to avoid your gutters becoming blocked. There are four ways that a blocked gutter can damage your home. We have listed these below for you.

Water Damage

A blockage in your guttering will slow down the flow of water along the gutter and through the downpipe. The water has to go somewhere. If it can’t flow along your gutters it will back up into your eaves, under the gutters and find its way into your roof and even your ceilings. Once this happens you are dealing with a much bigger problem than a blocked gutter. You will have to deal with damp in your home. This can lead to structural damage which is incredibly expensive to resolve.

Wood Damage

When your gutters are free of debris and doing their job right, your wooden fascia’s won’t see much water. However, blocked gutters result in these wooden facias becoming exposed to much more water than they are designed for. This can result in your fascia’s deteriorating and rotting. This will negatively affect the look of your home and will again be a costly problem to repair.

Weight Damage

Gutters are designed to support the flowing of water along them. They are not designed to hold heavy weights. A blockage in your gutters will result in standing water and additional weight on your gutter. Sodden debris and waterlogged gutters are heavy and will cause damage to your gutter. The gutter will also pull away from the wall and roof, which can cause even more damage to your home. You may find that the gutters bend and break, or they may come away from the wall altogether.

Animal Damage

Whilst you don’t want blocked gutters for your home, animals do. The build up of twigs, leaves, moss and more is the ideal home for many creatures that make up the wildlife in Britain. Blocked gutters make the perfect home and breeding ground for wasps, birds insects and more. These animals will add additional weight to your gutters which could cause additional damage. They may chew through your gutters and property too.


If you want to avoid the damage your home can experience due to blocked gutters; book your next gutter clean in Northampton now.

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