Forget Spring Cleaning, This Is Autumn Cleaning

Forget Spring Cleaning, This Is Autumn Cleaning

It’s always been known as spring cleaning. This is time we think most people give their homes a proper deep clean and tidy up. However, research shows that the highest sales of household cleaning products for supermarkets is actually autumn. Forget spring cleaning, this is autumn cleaning!

In fact, in September last year, Tesco reported a 20% rise in sales of household cleaning products. Like we said, forget spring cleaning. Autumn cleaning is where it’s at.

Why Is Autumn Cleaning So Important?

After the august bank holidays, we are quickly focused on kids returning to school. We can make the most of those last few weeks of warm weather to get the autumn cleaning done. Unlike the days during summer when it’s too hot to clean and we just tidy. Autumn is a time for proper deep cleaning as we prepare our homes for winter.

What Needs To Be On Your Autumn Cleaning Inside Checklist?

  • Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture can take a while to dry, so take the opportunity to get it deep cleaned now. Look for stains from sticky ice lollies, sweets and fruit salads. These are common spillages, along with the odd glass of red wine. If you need help deep cleaning a stain on your upholstery we can help.

  • Carpet Cleaning

During the summer months we vacuum our carpets, but they are not properly cleaned. Overtime food and drink gets in-ground into the carpet. You will also find sand from sunny holidays, melted ice lollies or ice cream spillages. While your carpet may look clean to look at, a deep clean will show it really isn’t that clean as you thought.

  • Window Cleaning

Autumn is a great time to deal with dirty windows. The weather isn’t too hot so you can easily avoid streaks and marks on your windows. Some of our customers choose to do the inside of the windows and we do the outside. Remember, we can do the inside and outside of your windows though!


If you need help deep cleaning carpets or upholstery, give us a call. We can help with all your autumn cleaning, inside and out. Just give us a call to tell us what you need.

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