Commercial Cleaning Services Northampton

What Nobody Ever Tells You About Your Premises

Your premises are often the first impression your company gives to visitors and a massive reflection of the values your company holds. When was the last time you stood outside and asked yourself how this looks?

Our job is to give your commercial premises an image that reflects the high standards you run your business to. This is everything from the driveway in, to the windows, the roof tiles and the internal carpets. Clear and Clean provide commercial cleaning services Northampton and the local area.


Commercial Softwash

The Softwash System will get superb results for many of the external areas of your commercial premises. The system and technology is designed to achieve results on many types of materials, including brick, wood, glass, cladding and plastic.

Block Paving

Commercial Block Paving Cleaning

The Block paving in your car park can very quickly become unsightly, dirty and full of weeds. The Softwash system will restore it to it’s former glory and show your visitors how much you care.

Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Your windows are the eyes into the soul of your business. Are yours clear and clean glass or are they smeared and dirty looking like they have had no attention for a little while?

Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Regular 12 monthly cleaning of guttering will ensure that the rain flow goes where it should and not overflowing and down your walls.

Communal Cleaning

Commercial Communal Area Cleaning

The communal areas of a premises are the bits that often seem to get missed. Each of the residents know they are responsible for the section they inhabit, but who takes responsibility for the rest.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Just as the windows and driveway are a reflection of the external image, so your carpets are a reflection of the internal image of the company. Our team will ensure that your carpets are cleaned to a high standard, but most importantly at minimal impact to the day to day running of your business.