Are You Putting Off The House Cleaning?

Are You Putting Off The House Cleaning?

Putting off the house cleaning is very common for lots of people. There are always more exciting things to do!

Perhaps it’s been a cold and wet day and the last thing you want to do is house cleaning, so you watch TV with a bowl of soup instead. The cleaning can wait until tomorrow.

Maybe it’s a really sunny day and you really fancy going to the pub garden and relaxing with friends. You promise yourself you will clean the house tomorrow. In fact you’ll get up extra early, go for a run and clean the house. You don’t go for the run either!

Research shows that 1 in 4 people are frustrated with their daily chores. On top of this it is reported that the weekly house chores are delayed by 3 days before they get done.

27% of homeowners in the UK admit to wishing they had help to clean the house and complete the regular house cleaning chores.

So where do people get this help from?

  • 60% of people in a relationship get no help with the cleaning chores around the house from their partner.
  • 80% of parents get no help from their children when doing the household chores.
  • 89% of people living in a house share get no help from their roommate or housemate when it comes to cleaning the house.

So if you’re not getting help from the people you live with, get someone else in! There are different ways you can tackle this. You could look at the time it takes you to clean the house and how much time it will save you. Think about how you can spend this time.

Meanwhile you can look at the money side of things. Speak to your partner or housemate. Give them the option that they can help you or pay towards the cleaner too. Have a similar conversation with the kids. They can choose to help with the chores, or some of their pocket money goes towards the cleaner.

If you need a cleaner for your home to give you the free time you’d like and to keep on top of those chores, call our team now.

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