Residential Window Cleaning

Clear and Clean began its life as a residential window cleaning service in and around Northampton and is now the leading window cleaning company in Northamptonshire. We provide you with the most thorough and professional window cleaning service in all these areas.

Clear and Clean are fully insured and health and safety compliant, giving you 100% peace of mind.
Our Pure H2O Cleaning System is also the most environmentally friendly and efficient Window Cleaning system available.

7 Important Reasons Why You Should Try Our Window Cleaning Service:

  • Your property is treated with care and consideration, we are fully insured and always give you a courtesy call the day before to let you know we are coming.
  • Your windows are left with a sparkling, smear free shine every time and because of our water purification and de-ionisation processes we can guarantee to leave your windows cleaner for longer.
  • Your frames, sills and doors are thoroughly cleaned (and left gleaming) at no additional charge.
  • You are given a 100% unconditional MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every job, so if you aren’t absolutely delighted with the results you wont pay a penny.
  • Your property is protected from ladder damage to tiles, roofs, guttering, lawns and flowerbeds because our NEW pure H20 system is ladderless. It allows us to clean up to 5 storeys with absolute safety and precision.
  • You get increased privacy because we clean all your upstairs bedroom windows from the ground floor.
  • You are guaranteed unbeatable value for money because of our fair prices, and you can cancel our service at any time, for any reason you like.

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For more information or a quote please call Brian on 07789 717176.