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Clear and Clean offer a Gutter Cleaning Service to all Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties throughout Northampton and beyond…

We provide a 12 Month Guarantee on every Gutter Cleaning job completed. If your gutters should become blocked again within 12 months of having them cleaned we will come back and re-clean them for free.

Guttering serves a very important role on your property and this is why it is so important that it is properly maintained. Guttering allows the rainwater to flow freely from your roof to the drain to prevent damage occurring. If your gutters become blocked they can be responsible for many expensive repairs around your home or business. Clear and Clean offer a safe, low cost gutter cleaning service to all properties.

A safe, ladderless, gutter cleaning solution with our telescopic camera and gutter vacuum system.

Working with ladders can cause problems when gutter cleaning. Ladders are often rested on the guttering or fascia which can cause damage, not to mention the possibility of falling or slipping ladders. Our NEW telescopic gutter cleaning system offers you a safer gutter maintenance service which could save you £100s in unnecessary repair bills and will undoubtedly leave your property looking smarter.

How does it work?

  • Clear and Clean gutter cleaning Northampton offer FREE inspections on every property. Our telescopic camera system allows us to see all the way along your gutters and identify any potential blockages. You will be shown this camera footage so you can be assured you are receiving proper advice and will not pay for services which aren’t really required.
  • Once we have established whether or not your property requires any attention we will provide you with a fixed price quotation for our gutter cleaning service.
  • We will remove all debris from the gutter channels using our safe gutter vacuum system.
  • We will check that water flows freely through your gutter system and advice you of any potential problems that may need attention (i.e. leaking joints, split pipes, broken joints etc).
  • We will clean all external guttering using our pure water fed pole cleaning system leaving you clear clean gutters.

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For more information or for a quote please call Brian on 07789 717176.