Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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We have vast commercial carpet cleaning and care experience so we understand your cleaning needs. Because of this we respond quickly with extreme flexibility causing minimal disruption to you and your company and with our professionally trained technicians quality workmanship is guaranteed.

Your carpets and flooring are a significant business investment and as such should be well maintained. Your carpets contribute to your businesses identity; typically, we often judge the quality of a hotel, restaurant or company office by our first impressions.
commercial carpet cleaning northampton

For this reason it often pays to use expensive and durable high quality carpets in areas of high usage, it also makes good sense to ensure that they are always in pristine condition.

It is usually much more inconvenient and can be ten times more expensive to replacements carpets than to have them professional cleaned. Poor care and maintenance will result in premature wear and unnecessary costs for your business, with regular maintenance and care Clear and Clean can greatly increase the life of your carpets and ultimately save you money.

So, for commercial carpet cleaning near you – we cover Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Warwickshire – but would consider other areas contact Clear and Clean today.

We also use an odour neutraliser on every clean which helps to leave carpet fresh and smelling clean.

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