Block Paving Cleaning

Did you know it’s a simple fact things get dirty? We don’t like dirt but we love to clean – and we know you love to see things clear – and clean. So did you know we offer a number of other services too to clear and clean your home or business?Block Paving offers a long lasting, practical and modern solution to drives, car parks and patios with a fine finish achieved with a good contractor who can lay these blocks in fantastic arrays of patterns and colours. What isn’t great though, is the dirt, grime and stains block paving can build up – coupled with weeds growing through the gaps, you once beautiful block paving can begin to look very unsightly indeed.

Clear and Clean offer a full cleaning, weed killing and re-sanding solution for your block paving with the same professional approach we offer to our window cleaning customers.
block paving cleaning northampton
Here’s a great example. The left photo is before with over ten years of dirt and grime. Moss and weeds were coming through the gaps and the whole area was looking pretty unloved. Clear and Clean Block Paving Cleaning were asked to clean the area – with photo 2 after showing the initial cleaning complete. A weedkiller would be applied next and, once dry, the whole area would be re-sanded. The area was transformed and the owner was over the moon.

If your block paving driveway, car park or patio is looking dirty contact Clear and Clean today for a non-obligatory quote. We are happy to quote on both residential and commercial properties.